Top-most Fraud Technique = Real-like Fake Spellings. is NOT same as

  • You can obviously see that the difference is ending (any such domain is handled officially by the National Informatics Center (NIC) of the Government of India.
  • and are different. You know what it is.
  • Likewise, a lot of times we are tricked on our trust factor as human eyes do not check every character in a known word and quickly conclude what it is.
  •  That is it. Therefore this loophole in our meticulousness opens the door to a huge world of frauds by fraudsters and unethical hackers.
  • It is reported that one such e-mail from a fake address is targeting tax payers to click on a link within it and submit bank details to return miscalculated taxes we paid.

The rules are just 2:

  1. Never click links in suspicious mails. Visit your banking site etc directly by typing the address in the browser.
  2. Check spellings of email addresses fully for legitimacy before responding to any messages purportedly from the Tax Department. Some are fake. Keep eyes open, no need to check any white/black list.


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