There is NOTHING Indian about the ‘Indian Browser’ App

NOTHING Indian about ‘Indian Browser’ Scam Alert: There is NOTHING Indian about ‘Indian Browser’

Scam Alert:

Indian android users are being tricked by this message: Uninstall Chinese UC Browser and install ‘INDIAN Browser’. It is good for our country.

The Truth:

  • ‘Indian Browser’ App is owned by Shahid Adenwala from Abu Dhabi, UAE.(As per Google Play Store)
  • This clickbait app is earning boatloads of money from numerous ads that flood the browser.
  • Previous version of this app was titled ‘Adenwala Browser’, released on 6th Jun 2017. It barely received any takers.

  • Most reviews openly state they gave the application a 5 star rating because it is ‘Indian’. 
  • With the word ‘Indian’ this app has successfully(maybe unintentionally) manipulated national sentiments of 40,000 Indians in a matter of 3 days.

The Medium/Spread:

  • Viral WhatsApp Message(as shown above)
  • Numerous Facebook posts
  • Twitter

Chronology of Events:

  1. An application called ‘Indian Browser’ hit play store on 17th Jul 2017.
  2. Viral messages  pleaded Indians to boycott Chinese browsers and use ‘Indian Browser’
  3. Within 2 days this app received over 41,000+ reviews and a 4.1 rating on Google Play Store.

The Damage:

  • Creator of the viral message is using current Indo-China discord to manipulate national sentiments of Indians.
  • We Indians are blindly supporting a sub-standard application merely because it is allegedly Indian.
  • In the process of supporting Indians, we are contributing to a foreign wallet.

Credit: Thank you Emerging Coders for creating awareness.