Fakopedia is a digital news channel. We use several techniques(both manual and AI-powered) to find/fight any Fake News spreading in Social Media like Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp, or even by word of mouth.

Society is constantly getting damaged by Fake News. Most of what we get to read is completely fake in some cases, or misleading/unsubstantiated/biased otherwise.

All our objectives/activities revolve around three things:

TRUTH: Discover what is Fake.

EXPLORE: Keep abreast with the Truth.

SHARE: Spread the Truth.

We welcome you to be a Social Warrior in demystifying  false information by reporting any Fake News or Online Scam you encounter. You can explore the Truth from our posts and Share it in several ways listed here.


Dear world,

While it is our social responsibility that we keep guard of any fake-news that goes on an ambition to ubiquitously spread, for all formal reasons we are making it clear that we are not responsible for any misinterpretations and/or real consequences caused there of. Our digital journalism initiative is for the society, which is you.

As a legal formality here are short essentials of the privacy policy we abide to, and the disclaimer we make on your usage of our work assets.

Privacy: We respect your privacy. We store your e-mail address and phone number only for broadcasting the content updates and any important notifications from Fakopedia. Basically your contact information is not our asset that we sell or share. Period.

Disclaimer: By subscribing/reading/sharing content from Fakopedia, you indemnify Fakopedia.com, its authors (and the owning company ArthaShastra Media Technologies Private Limited) from any damages, physical or otherwise, that may occur directly or indirectly. We will not be held liable for any adverse impact that our content may lead to individually or organizationally or socially.

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Team Fakopedia.