Here is the traditional “About Us”. And this page will change from time to time, though our foundational philosophy is immortal. TRUTH | READ | SPREAD.

  1. Fakopedia is a digital news channel(just a website as of June 2017). We use several techniques(both manual and AI-powered) to find/fight any fake news that is enjoying its spread.
  2. It is the brain child of Ashwin Palaparthi, a music composer by profession. Most of its incremental evolution is by Diana Fernandes, a content-writer by profession. And there is a growing base of social warriors in its semantic mission.
  3. Society is constantly getting damaged by Fake News. Yes. Come on. You know it. Most of what we get to read is completely fake in some cases, and misleading/unsubstantiated otherwise.
  4. If you really look at what people share in our imperative sharing systems (FB/Twitter/WhatsApp etc), a lot of it is invaded by some biased/compulsive emotions and are largely trap scenarios(identity skimming, brainwashing and so on).
  5. Knowingly or otherwise, mainstream media also falls prey to fake-news, and spreads it. May be some hungry business systems induce it– and what they cover leaves a shadow of doubt over their credibility in first-hand, even if we don’t chase the facts per se.

Well if you have read this far, today we are somewhat a closed group of social warriors who focus on demystifying misinformation that prevails in India and occasionally world over. You must partake in our collective endeavor to obtain these social objectives:

TRUTH: Discover what is Fake.

READ: Keep abreast with the Truth.

SPREAD: Share the Truth.

This is what Fakopedia is! We are sure you will “TRUTH READ SPREAD” our posts.

Communicate: https://fakopedia.com/communicate/