Important notice

Fake News largely targets two groups; 1. Political/Communal groups 2. General Public. DOES NOT cover Fake Topics related to one or the other Political/Communal groups. Please DO NOT expect us to bust Political Fake News please. We also DO NOT cover Fake News related to Celebrities as that has got nothing damaging to do with common public. Examples: Party Xyz has done blah blah, Political Mr. MNOP has said/done so and so, Celebrity Xyz is going through something… and so on.

We DO cover Fake Topics that cause damage to the General Public. Examples: Visit to explore and share the TRUTH about Fake predictions, Fake websites, False alerts, False knowledge and so on.

While both categories share common goals in being tricky and manipulative, we are interested only on topics of social interest that could impact to our daily lives in general (and there are other websites that exclusively cover political topics in a crisp way, thereby doing a great service to the nation).

At this time, we are focused on India, our home country, though we occasionally cover topics of Global Interest.

— Ashwin Palaparthi


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